"I graduated from DHMC in 2009 and went on to Mercy High School, then received my Bachelors in telecommunications and information management from Western Michigan University...I worked in this field for a few years and realized that my heart wasn't into it, so I'm working toward becoming a registered nurse. A friend of mine and I often comment on how much we appreciate our time attending DHMC, and how we truly wouldn't be who we are today without those years. We were lucky enough to grow up in a diverse and respectful environment - something we both agree has helped us grow into well-rounded adults."
2009 DHMC Graduate

"I am grateful for knowing about the Montessori program and glad that my son has been able to experience this sort of preschool and care."
Former Parent

"Thank you for everything you do! Every lesson. Every moment of comfort. Every action that assists. Every smile that welcomes. Every suggestion that guides. Every intervention that corrects. Every life that you touch. Thank you for the daily peace of mind you give us as parents, and the annual commitment you make to do it all again and again."
Former Parent

"My daughter received amazing preparation for high school and that has increased her confidence and future opportunities."
Parent of 2010 8th grade graduate

"We thank you for preparing our daughter so well for high school. The study habits, organizational skills and love of learning that she developed at DHMC are all shining through and leading her to do great work."
Parent of 2011 8th grade graduate

"This school is rich in tradition and has an excellent academic reputation. The students are attentive. They even took notes on my presentation."
Admissions – Brother Rice High School

"The structure allows for creative thinking and critical thinking. I visit a lot of schools and your students are respectful, listen well, and ask great questions."
Admissions – Detroit Catholic Central High School

"The young men from Dearborn Heights Montessori Center are exemplary students, both academically and personally. They have contributed tremendously to the campus of U of D."
Admissions – University of Detroit Jesuit High School

"Montessori gave my daughter a huge advantage, especially in confidence. She was not afraid to comment and question the teachers... she was respected for her views and for speaking out."
Parent of 2005 8th grade graduate

"DHMC offers our children the opportunity to develop a sense of themselves in a safe, peaceful environment."
Current Parent

"The DHMC staff is committed to nurturing and cultivating the natural curiosity from the youngest of learners through the middle school years."
Current Parent

"Our children are engaged in purposeful learning and problem solving. They are becoming confident, life-long learners."
Current Parent

"We are proud of the individual our son has become and ever so grateful to his teachers and DHMC for enriching the experience."
Current Parent

"Both my wife and I are especially pleased to see our son happy in school every day and being motivated to do his best for every single project in every subject."
Current Parent

"Having the same teacher for three years fosters a cumulative trust between teacher and student and it is this trusting relationship that is the essential piece to my child’s Montessori experience."
Current Parent

"We chose DHMC for our four children because we value being part of a community. We value the faculty and we feel like we are part of a family here."
Current Parent

"DHMC was the first choice when we began looking for a school for our daughter."
Current Parent

"We chose DHMC because of its academic excellence. Classrooms are filled with high quality, time-tested materials delivered by highly trained teachers who are compassionate and caring."
Current Parent

"I graduated from U of D Jesuit and I can firmly say that DHMC prepared me for high school and to do well."
2007 DHMC Graduate, 2010 National Merit Scholar

"I attended DHMC from preschool all the way through 8th grade. It was an experience that helped me not only for high school but also for my Georgetown career."
2005 DHMC Graduate, U of D Jesuit High School 2009 Valdictorian

"My education from DHMC really helped me learn how to lead groups and work in groups as well as work on projects by myself."
2006 DHMC Graduate

"I want to thank you for being such a positive influence on our daughter; I know it takes a village to raise a child and I’m so grateful to have had you in our village."
Parent of 2010 8th grade graduate

"Just thought I'd let you know that I received a perfect 9 on my last AP in-class English essay (a.k.a. thank you for pushing me in 8th grade to do my best and never settle for anything less, especially in Language Arts at 9 a.m.)"
2014 DHMC Graduate

"Through the years at DHMC, I became convinced and saw the results as each of my daughters matured and became successful. Both are self-starters, innovative, passionate, and have a culture of goodness for people. I attribute a lot of that to DHMC - they advanced at their own pace and then in many aspects developed more than just academically. Both were well prepared and have excelled."
Parent of 2006 and 2008 Graduates

"When we talk about my son's growth as a person he attributes much of his success to the support and acceptance he received at DHMC, the ability to learn at his own pace in an active environment, learning how to learn, and to follow his passions."
Provided in January 2015 by a former parent.

"The feeling that DHMC is a community resonates in the quality of their work and the great companionship that I continually saw while working on the Cultural Festival. The DHMC community never fails to amaze me. You have an amazing staff and a group of students whose passion for learning really does inspire me."
Parent of 2009 DHMC Graduate

"Thank you for creating a safe and healthy learning environment for our children. I am proud that my daughter attends DHMC. I can't help but notice how she is on her way to becoming an independent learner. The environment here not only promotes authentic student-centered learning, but also encourages positive character development. Thank you for giving our children the tools necessary to become successful individuals. It does take a community to raise a child, and we love this community."
Current Parent

"This is long overdue since I meant to deliver it in the summer after graduation. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for all your hard work, guidance, and mentoring in the Middle School. Our daughter learned so much from you and has such a high regard for the DHMC Middle School. It truly was a magical experience for her."
Parents of 2012 8th grade graduate


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