Admissions Process

The checklist below is intended to help build our school community in a manner that supports the academic and social growth of all members.  Staff, students, and parents must work together to achieve a positive environment for learning.  Thoughtful enrollment choices on the part of the family and the school will assist in this process.

  1. Fully immunized children between the ages of 18 months and 14 years old are eligible for our programs. Please note that we do not accept waivers.  See the programs that we offer.
  2. Request Information or Schedule a Tour
  3. Tour Our School!  We encourage the parents of prospective students to observe the school before applying for admission.
  4. Complete and Submit Your Application and Fees  *Note:  You may apply for Tuition Assistance after the application process is completed.  The application process also includes:
    Request for Student Records from your child’s previous or current school.
    A Student Evaluation Report.  Your child’s current or previous teacher will complete this report.
    Student Visit Days.  Once DHMC receives school records and the student evaluation report, a student visit is scheduled.  Students will spend 1-2 days (depending on the age of the child) in classes at their grade level.  Please complete the Visitor Release Form and bring it with you on the date of the visit.
  5. Decision
    The admissions committee will meet to arrive at one of three possible enrollment decisions: immediate acceptance, wait pool, or denial.
  6. Placement
    A committee places students in classes during the summer.  Careful thought and consideration is given when placing students.  Information letters with specific placement information and other school details are provided to parents in August.

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