Dearborn Heights Montessori Center’s annual tuition rates are based on a sliding scale, depending upon the payment plan selected.  Base tuition is discounted by 3%, 2%, or 1% for annual, semi-annual, and quarterly payment plans respectively.

Tuition payments incorporate all costs that pertain to the whole class.  These include snack fees at the toddler and preschool level; monthly Extended Day kindergarten field trips; camp, travel, and field trip charges for elementary and middle school students, Junior Great Books (grade 1-6), and school supplies.

Families will still be responsible for discretionary items such as hot lunch, school pictures, or book fair purchases.

Financial aid is available through our FAST financial aid program.

For current tuition rates, please contact Julie Bawulski, Director of Admissions, by phone at (313) 359-3000 or e-mail at


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