After School Programs

Intramural Sports Program:

The purpose of the Intramural Sports Program is to provide an opportunity for Middle School and Upper Elementary students to participate in competitive sports activity as regularly as his or her interest, ability, and time will permit.  The rules and regulations which have been formulated for the activities in this program take into consideration the necessary preparation for each activity as well as the degree of skill of each participant.  Soccer and basketball programs are offered. Montessori Basketball Team


There is something magical that happens to young people when they stand on a stage and engage their audience as actors: confidence grows, imagination takes flight, and storytelling comes to life in a way that is unique among the arts. Theater brings together the spoken word, the visual arts, sound and motion to transport an audience to an imaginary place sustained by the performers. It requires a team approach with many people (and their collective imaginations) working in close harmony to tell a single story. Through a wide variety of games, exercises, and scene work, the DHMC Drama Program introduces students to this infinitely expressive art form in a way that is fun, exciting, and educational. By engaging as an actor, students hone their public speaking and communication skills; learn about character development and improvisation; and experience the thrill of live storytelling in action. These are skills they will use throughout their lives—at every job interview, client presentation or performance review—regardless of their chosen vocation. Absolutely no prior drama experience is required—only a desire to engage, an ability to take direction and a respectful attitude toward fellow performers. The Drama Program is open to all lower elementary, upper elementary and middle school students.  A school performance and an evening performance are scheduled twice yearly.  Registration information is provided to students in the fall and again in the spring.  This is a fee-based program.

After School Classes:

A variety of after school classes are available to students in preschool through middle school after the regular school day has ended.  Classes include, but are not limited to, candy-making, cooking, crafting, guitar, book club, fitness/sports clinics, dance, and more.   Six-week sessions  are typically offered in the fall, winter and spring.  After school classes are fee-based.


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