Day Care and Latchkey

Day Care

The DHMC day care program offers care before and after our toddler, preschool and half-day kindergarten classes.  We provide a nurturing environment that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.  Day care substitutes for a child’s daytime home life, offering a wide range of activities geared to the needs and interests of small children.  This program mirrors the Montessori classroom with sensorial and practical life materials that are supplemented by themed activities and projects, learning and construction toys, games, art, books and music, blocks, housekeeping and dress-up, outdoor play, gardening, and much more.

Children bring lunch, milk is provided, and snacks are offered throughout their day.  Snacks are selected with child appeal and nutrition in mind and represent at least two major food groups.  There is also the opportunity to nap or rest as needed.  We work at creating a setting that is enjoyable, beneficial and safe for all children.  The day care rooms are located in the same hallway as the child’s classroom, making the transition to day care easy for the children.



The DHMC Latchkey program is available for our Extended Day kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students.  It offers an interesting, enriching before and after school program.  Separate age-appropriate environments are provided for Extended Day kindergarten/lower elementary students and upper elementary/middle school students.   The wide variety of activities includes arts and crafts, board games, construction, puzzles, reading, housekeeping, blocks, listening to music, and much more.  Healthy snacks are provided in the afternoon along with group activities, projects and games, and daily use of the outdoors and/or gymnasium.  Students are free to socialize or to seek a quieter space for artwork or reading.  After school, a monitored study hall in a separate room is an option for students who wish to complete homework.

Day care and latchkey programs open at 7 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.


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